Cocktail Bar Baton Rouge

Searching for a unique setting to enjoy conversations with friends in Baton Rouge? Look no further than BRQ. 


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Happy Hour

Everyday Till 6:30 PM!
$6 Mixed Drinks | $7 Craft Cocktails | $6 House Wine | $3 Traditional & Local Beers


Craft Cocktails
Cocktails are all priced at $10

—  Tawny Tickle—
vodka, port wine, cucumber soda

—  Beforehand—
bourbon, herbal white wine, orange bitter

—  Nefarious Cocoa—
think "bold chocolate pancake" rum and stuff

—  Bootlegger's Run—
whiskey/coffee cocktail, chicory, with orange notes

—  Wild Woman Blues—
floral gin fizz, egg white, benedictine

—  Frose All Day—
rose wine blended with seasonal fruit and a little kick

—  Celebracione—
la paloma with a nice bit of pop

—  Seasonal Smash—
traditional mint julep with seasonal fresh fruit





Veuve Ambal Blanc de Blanc    8

The Independent Prosecco      10

Segura Gran Cava                     10

Castlenau Brut                          11

Pierre Sparr Rosé                       12

Cave de Bissey Cremant Brut   16



Klinker Brick Albarino           7

Parducci Chardonnay          8

August Kessler Riesling       9

Brutocao Sauvignon Blanc   10

Chateau Gassier Rosé          12

Italo Cescon                          13



Parducci Cabernet        8

Gran Passione Rosso    9

Marietta Christo            11

Ruca Malen Malbec      12

Gotes Priorat                15

Foxen Pinot Noir          16


Sodas and Bottle Water
(à la carte)

Coca-Cola Classic - 2.5

Diet Coca-Cola - 2.5

Sprite - 2.5

Spanish Coca-Cola - 2.5

Swamp Pop Filé Root Beer - 5

Swamp Pop Praline Creme Soda - 5

Swamp Pop Ginger Ale - 5

Swamp Pop Satsuma Fizz - 5

Mountain Valley Still - 4

Mountain Valley Sparkling - 4


Traditional $5

Bud Light
Michelob Ultra
Miller Lite
Shiner Bock
Dos Equis Especial
Stella Artois

Local $6

Abita Amber
Abita Purple Haze
Tin Roof Blonde
Parish Canebrake
Parish Envie IPA
Great Raft Southern Drawl

Craft $7

Founders All Day IPA
Wiseacre Ananda
Crown Valley Blackberry Cider
Stiegl Radller
Evil Twin Normander Weisse








Drip - 4

French Press - 6

Cold Brew - 6