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The BRQ blog is home to updates, tips, and exclusive information for Baton Rouge area diners.

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4 Ways BRQ Seafood & Barbeque Is Unique

BRQ Restaurant

Baton Rouge’s local restaurant scene is burgeoning with creative concepts in food. Justin Ferguson shares what four things make BRQ Seafood and Barbeque stand out among the crowd.


Competition Style BBQ in Baton Rouge

"We are featuring regional favorites from the Carolinas, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri." - Chef Justin Ferguson

Ferguson thwarts any expectations that BRQ is a typical barbeque joint. The chef plans to bring champion level techniques to the table by serving 14- to 16-hour smoked brisket, Applewood and hickory-smoked meats dusted with his own rubs and house made sauces.  


Much More than BBQ on the BRQ Menu

"This is not going to be your squeeze bottle and paper plate restaurant." - Chef Justin Ferguson

At BRQ, Ferguson takes traditional BBQ styles to the next level with unique dishes like BBQ Smoked Octopus, Smoked Rabbit Pot Pie and, the soon to be very popular, "I Don't Care Feed Me," option. Seasonal produce and proteins locally sourced within a 150-radius will drive the menu, proving BRQ’s emphasis on farm-to-table food.     


BRQ will also feature more seasonal seafood items like fresh boiled shrimp and crawfish. More choices on the BRQ menu include prime steaks, chops, sandwiches, salads, desserts and more.


The BRQ Bar Is Like No Other in Baton Rouge

The BRQ Bar is home to some 500 cocktails, learn more from the BRQ bar menu. With more than 100 bottles of whiskey and a variety of local craft beers and more, the restaurant’s 30-foot bar can meet the needs any spirit fan.

BRQ Cocktails in Baton Rouge


The Vibe at BRQ is Cozy and Comfortable

"We wanted BRQ to have an approachable, comfortable atmosphere that guests can enjoy any night of the week." - Chef Justin Ferguson

A purposely playful eclectic mix of local art and humorous sketches on the large chalk-boards are perfectly placed to fit the overall vibe of the restaurant – a neighborhood restaurant feel, with fine dining fare.

Art at BRQ

About BRQ’s Culinary Team:

Justin Ferguson, Partner and Executive Chef: Before cooking up BRQ, Ferguson was the corporate executive chef at Ideology Entertainment in Chicago. Ferguson is a 2005 Louisiana Culinary Institute and Michelin-accredited chef.; email: 


10423 Jefferson Highway