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The BRQ blog is home to updates, tips, and exclusive information for Baton Rouge area diners.

BBQ Packages for Tailgating: Step Up Your Game This Season

BRQ Restaurant

As the Tigers prepare to raise another banner this fall, you are likely preparing for tailgate season. Whether you are circling dates on the schedule or planning for one major party; the centerpiece any great tailgate is the food. Of course, there are a variety of other amenities from TVs to RVs, but the right faire can make or break even the best-planned event. Having a variety of options that are both fresh and filling will help to ensure you and your fellow fans have plenty of fuel before kick-off. This is what makes barbeque and its corresponding accouterment a great option. When you choose BRQ’s Best of 225 Award-winning barbeque, you are selecting a fan favorite. Even better, you don’t have to spend all day over the grill, because this fresh farm-to-table BBQ can be prepared for you. BRQ has a variety of tailgate packages that are perfect for your next party. Let’s take a closer look. 

The Kick-Off

BRQ’s Kick-Off package is designed for 8-10 people. It include 2 meats (pulled chicken or pulled pork), 2 sauces (North Carolina vinegar, Memphis sweet, Louisiana spicy, and South Carolina mustard), 2 sides (pit beans, potato salad, house salad, coleslaw, mac & cheese), as well as BRQ’s famous house-made chips, 2 dozen boudin balls, and 2 dozen smoked wings. 

The BRQ Connection

Looking for a little more variety? The BRQ Connection offers everything in the Kick-Off, with an additional meat, sliced prime brisket.

The Tail Gater

The Tail Gater takes another step up by including either baby back or St. Louis style ribs.

For The Win

Expecting a bigger crowd? For The Win is designed to feed 12-15 people. It includes 4 meats (St. Louis or baby back ribs, homemade andouille, pulled pork, and pulled chicken), as well as the above-mentioned variety of sides and sauces.

A la Carte Options

Looking for a little bit more? Brioche buns or pretzel rolls can be added to any package. Additional a la carte meats, dishes, and sides are also available. Whole smoked chicken and chicken tenders, fried catfish, alligator sausage, jambalaya, shrimp and crawfish pasta, beverages, desserts, and more can be included with any order.

This football season leave the cooking to the experts at BRQ and bring your tailgate to the next level.


Baton Rouge Event Venue: Why Choose BRQ?

BRQ Restaurant

Event planning can be stressful; there’s simply no other way to put it.  In recent years, Forbes has even ranked event coordinator as one of the 10 most stressful jobs, and those are the professionals!  If that’s the case, simply imagine how overwhelming the process can become for the layperson.  Venue options, guest lists, menus, and staff – it can all be enough to make you abandon the process before you even begin. 

Naturally, any event planner or host wants their guests to experience a well-appointed space with delicious food and a courteous staff, but finding a location to encompass all those things can be quite a tall order.  That’s where we like to step in.

Venue Rental in Baton Rouge

Whether it’s serving you a delicious weekend brunch, catering your event or celebrating Happy Hour, BRQ has always held to our commitment to bring our patrons exceptional dining experiences.  Now, that same commitment has expanded to providing a beautiful, comfortable space for your next event.

Event Catering in Baton Rouge

In addition to having your event space covered, BRQ can ensure that the food is a hit as well!  If your event requires catering, let us handle the menu! After meeting with a manager, you can decide on a customized menu for your party, or simply choose from one of BRQ’s catering packages. Choose from all of the staples that BRQ is known for, including The Smokehouse, The Big Q and Frose’ All Day!

Lent Menu Options in Baton Rouge

BRQ Restaurant

With Mardi Gras behind us, the Lenten season has arrived.  This 40-day period of fasting impacts many across south Louisiana and requires a little more consideration when it comes to dining plans in the early weeks of spring.  Each Friday during Lent the Friday Fast calls for abstaining from eating meat.  This may alter your regular lunch or dinner routine as the weekend approaches.  However, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a hand-crafted, farm-to-table meal at one of your favorite restaurants.

The menu and chefs at BRQ Seafood and Barbeque provide a great variety of seafood options, perfect for Fridays during lent, as well as any other day during the week, and any other time during the year.  The same attention to detail, fresh procurement sources, and quality that has made BRQ an award-winning destination for barbeque can be found in each and every seafood dish.  Here is a closer look at seafood selection at BRQ.

Shrimp and Crab Sensation Salad

If you’re in the mood for something lighter, the shrimp and crab sensation salad is the perfect option.  Along with mixed greens, tomato, avocado, and parmesan; the fresh crabmeat and shrimp are great as a meal or a starter.

Red Fish

This favorite fresh from the gulf is always a good choice.  Combined with maque choux (a traditional southern Louisiana dish consisting of corn, green bell pepper, and onion) crawfish and lemon butter, this fulfilling dish always hit the spot.

BBQ Salmon

A popular fish choice gets a new twist.  With a pineapple habanero glaze and brussel sprouts, the BBQ salmon at BRQ is a fresh, satisfying option during Lent and year-round. 

Fried Seafood

A staple on any menu, fried shrimp and catfish plates always hit the spot.  Whether you opt for all shrimp, all catfish, or go half and half, along with hand-cut fries, this platter will change how you look at fried seafood.

While these items are everyday favorites at BRQ, the Lenten season also features some specials, ranging from appetizers to entrees.

Crabmeat Cheesecake

This featured appetizer is made of Louisiana meuniere butter sauce and topped with crab claws.

BBQ Shrimp

A New Orleans institution, this Lenten special at BRQ offers four jumbo shrimp, parmesan whipped potatoes, and nola butter sauce.

Blackened Drum Napoleon

This entrée combines blackened gulf fish topped with crawfish etouffee, set atop parmesan whipped potatoes and corn maque choux.

Whether you are looking for lunch, dinner, brunch on Sunday, or a new twist on Fridays during this Lenten season, make a reservation at BRQ Seafood and Barbeque today!

Seafood Restaurant in Baton Rouge: A New Twist on Your Favorites

BRQ Restaurant

In south Louisiana seafood goes beyond an option on a menu; it’s an artform.  While we all have our favorite staples, it can be refreshing to find a new perspective on the wonderful ingredients we have in our part of the world.  BRQ’s simple philosophy is to provide the best seafood in south Louisiana.  In addition to competition-style barbeque, BRQ creates relationships with their farmers and purveyors of the fresh ingredients they use in all of their dishes.  Of course, as the saying goes, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” and while that is tried and true, here are a few ways that BRQ is introducing some new seafood options, as well as the tried-and-true favorites.


Fresh from the Gulf of Mexico, redfish is south Louisiana favorite.  BRQ adds some creole flair by including maque choux (a concoction of corn, green bell pepper, onion, and sometimes garlic, celery, and tomato), along with crawfish and lemon butter.

BBQ Salmon

Combining the best of both of their expertise, BRQ’s BBQ salmon comes with a pineapple habanero glaze and brussel sprouts.

Shrimp Brochettes

This classic and popular recipe receives a southern spin.  BRQ’s version features bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with cheese, poblano, andouille, and is served with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts.

Fried Shrimp and/or Catfish Platter

A staple on menus far and wide across Louisiana, BRQ couldn’t ignore this crowd favorite.  With fresh ingredients and meticulous seasoning and preparation; this classic dish is on par with quality you’ve come to expect from BRQ.

Shrimp and Crab Sensation Salad

For a lighter option, BRQ’s shrimp and crab sensation salad hits the spot.  With mixed greens, tomato, avocado, parmesan, and obviously shrimp and crab, this is a refreshing salad.

Crawfish & Crab Add-Ons

Feel like a steak, but don’t want to miss out on fresh seafood?  Crawfish and Crab add-ons are available to create the perfect pairing of flavor.

Whether you are looking for a Louisiana classic, or want to experience something a little different, BRQ Barbeque and Seafood in Baton Rouge has you covered.

Restaurant Rental: Planning Your Next Party

BRQ Restaurant

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and been enamored with the atmosphere?  Everything from the furniture and the layout, to the color scheme and lighting, not to mention the food?  Wouldn’t it be great to host an event there, instead of at your home?  That actually is an option at BRQ Seafood and Barbeque. 

For larger events and special occasions, the comfort of your home is nice, but logistically it’s just not designed for such things.  And to make your party stand out, renting out a dance hall or venue just won’t do the trick.  This is why BRQ in Baton Rouge is available to rent.

Renting part of the restaurant, or the entire thing can be the perfect solution for holiday parties, company outings, or any other event.  After meeting with a manager at the location of your choice, you can decide on a customized menu for your party, or simply choose from one of BRQ’s catering packages; either way your guests will have a great meal in a great environment, complete with a wait staff and any other detail you may need. 

Your customized menu can include any of the staples that BRQ has become known for.  The creativity and culinary talent of the chefs is at your disposal, so you can make your event an experience no one will soon forget.  You can also streamline the meal planning and include a BRQ catering package, some options are:

The Smokehouse

Featuring your choice of two sides like mac n cheese, cole slaw, and more.  Two meats, pulled chicken and/or pork along with two signature sauces.  Each package includes poblano cheddar cornbread, BRQ potato chips, and BRQ B&B pickles.

The Pit Boss

The Pit Boss offers everything that The Smokehouse does with the addition of a third meat, sliced prime brisket.

The Big Q

The Big Q picks up where the Pit Boss leaves off, adding ribs, that come in your choice of style; baby back or St. Louis.

Don’t forget about the bar.  BRQ’s signature craft cocktails and expert mixologists can also be on hand to keep the drinks flowing.  You’ll have the option to choose from a line of craft beers as well as BRQ’s unique drinks, including:

Frose’ All Day

Rosé wine, Svedka vodka, fresh pureed strawberries, served frozen

Prohibition Old Fashion

Redemption rye whiskey, Dubonnet, Luxardo amaretto, smoked Luxardo cherries, orange slices, dash of Angostura bitters

Apple Cider Mule

Tito’s vodka, simple syrup, apple cider, lime juice, ginger beer topper

Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini

Ketel One Citroen vodka, lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup, Chambord

Make your next event a unique a memorable one with your restaurant. Contact BRQ, and the let the planning and partying begin.

Baton Rouge Barbeque Smoker Trailer Rental: Bringing Your Party to the Next Level

BRQ Restaurant

The pros have access to the latest and greatest equipment.  Whether it’s a tour bus full of guitars, a pro shop full of golf clubs, or garage full of tools; there is something different about using the best resources and the results speak for themselves.  The same thing goes for cooking, specifically barbequing.  While it takes knowledge, experience, and skill to craft and create high-quality, competition style barbeque, having the best equipment doesn’t hurt.  Even if you have decades of experience manning the grill, imagine the possibilities that would come with a state-of-the-art smoker trailer, and a resident barbeque expert to take the heat while you sit back and relax.  With BRQ’s smoker trailer, this possibility can be a reality.

For over a year BRQ has provided the best seafood and barbeque in south Louisiana.  Whether its from their location on Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge, or through their catering services, the fresh, farm-to-table, chef-driven selections of Justin Ferguson have become a staple for dining and tailgating alike.  Now this same competition-style barbeque from the Carolinas, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee regions can be handcrafted and prepared directly at your party.

Cost of Renting BRQ’s Smoker Trailer

The cost to rent BRQ’s smoker trailer is $400.  There is also a$25/hour cook charge.  Depending on what food will be prepared, the total time will vary; however it is typically considered a 5-hour job.  Now, if you were planning to do a whole hog, that requires a 14-hour cook time.  When you call to reserve the smoker trailer, these options can be ironed out you’ll have a clearer idea of what it will entail.

So whether you’re having a party, or planning a big event this fall, let BRQ handle everything from the food and drink to the tables and chairs, and even the smoker; while you sit back and enjoy.

Graduation Party Catering in Baton Rouge: Caps, Gowns, and BBQ

BRQ Restaurant

This is the time of the year for new beginnings.  Warmer temperatures, green trees, and blooming flowers make way for marching across stages and diplomas changing hands when spring ushers in graduation season.  Whether it’s high school or college, Tigers or Jags, this momentous occasion is a reason for celebration.  With family and friends gathering for festivities, one of the most memorable events will be that first meal as a graduate. 

Between event catering with all of the trimmings and tailgate packages that can feed a smaller group, BRQ’s catering options have you and your guests covered.  With fresh, local, farm to table ingredients and chef-driven menu options; this will be a meal, and a day you’ll never forget.

Catering Options for Your Graduation Celebration

Everything from appetizers to sides to desserts can be ordered and arranged for your party.  If you’re hosting the celebration at your home or a venue, delivery is an option as well.  Let’s take a closer look at what can go from our kitchen to your table.


For starters, you can choose between a quart of smoked queso, a dozen boudin balls, a quart of B & B pickles, and a half a pan of BRQ’s housemade potato chips.  Depending on the size of your party, any combination and additional quantities of these appetizers can be made.


On the greener side, you can select from a full pan of BRQ’s house salad, a ½ pan of Cobb salad with smoked chicken, a ½ pan of smoked corn and black bean salad, or a ½ pan of Brussels and kale salad.


To complement the entrees BRQ pit beans, mac and cheese, potato salad, cole slaw, and poblano cheddar cornbread are available by the ½ pan.


Your main course can consist of any combination of 1 pound of prime brisket, pulled chicken, and pulled pork.  You can also choose between a full slab of St. Louis ribs, baby back ribs, or a 3.5 lb. whole chicken.


To round it out carrot cake, chocolate cake, and bread pudding make for the perfect finishing touch.

If you don’t feel like mixing and matching, BRQ also has packages that make the ordering easy.

The Smokehouse

Designed to feed 8-10 people you have your option of 2 sides (BRQ pit beans, mac and cheese, potato salad, cole slaw).  2 meats (pulled chicken or pulled pork).  2 sauces (North Carolina vinegar, original mild BBQ, spicy BBQ, and South Carolina mustard).  And, every package includes poblano cheddar cornbread, BRQ potato chips, B & B pickles, and plates and utensils.

The Pit Boss

The Pit Boss is similar to the Smokehouse; the only exception is that features three meat options, with the addition of sliced prime brisket.

The Big Q  

The Big Q lets you choose two of three meat options, St. Louis or baby back ribs, pulled chicken, or pulled pork.  The rest of this package is the same as mentioned above.

So this spring, enjoy the pomp and circumstance of graduation, then enjoy a meal with your friends, family and new accomplishments from BRQ.

Baton Rouge Seafood: What Goes into Crafting a Menu?

BRQ Restaurant

As seasons change, so do tastes.  Arguably there is no bigger contrast in seasons, especially in south Louisiana, than the transition from winter to spring.  Everything becomes brighter, warmer, greener, and fresher.  It is this change in the seasons that inspired the newest menu at BRQ. 

As a restaurant that prides itself on working with local farmers and purveyors, using the freshest local ingredients is a top priority.  The new items on this menu are no exception.  With a focus on using the vast fresh, local flavors, and ingredients that south Louisiana has to offer, Chef Justin Ferguson wanted this menu to reflect the seasonal change with lighter dishes that would provide options for everyone to enjoy.

These new dishes were developed by adding little touches that make a big difference, and showing that BRQ is much more than barbeque.

Thin Fried Catfish

The thin fried American catfish, a Louisiana staple, is served with house-made tartar sauce, lemon, and hand cut fries.


Oysters go well with a variety of different dishes.  Adding new twists to traditional and seasonal ingredients creates new ways for this classic item to be enjoyed.  From the Oyster Supreme to the Oyster Salad to the Oyster BLT, there’s an oyster option for every appetite.

Roasted Beet Salad

With mixed greens, apple, citrus fennel, goat cheese, almond crumble, and beet vinaigrette, this salad is designed to change people’s minds about beets.

The action in the kitchen isn’t the only thing that is changing.  Behind the bar, 30 new bottles of wine have been added, and BRQ’s signature line of handcrafted cocktails has been updated as well.

While the tried and true staples of BRQ are still on the menu, these new additions and a shift in perspective ensure that there will always be something new, something fresh, and something fun every time you visit BRQ.

Baton Rouge Restaurant Options during Lent

BRQ Restaurant

When the parades stop rolling and the king cakes stop baking, it can only mean one thing; Lent has arrived.  Beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting for 40 days, lent is a time of prayer and fasting for many until Easter.  This is a way of life during this time of the year in south Louisiana, and it brings with it a change of plans when it comes to meals.  This year there is a new option when it comes to dining over the next 40 days.  BRQ Seafood and Barbeque, with an emphasis on the seafood.

Each Friday during lent poses a responsibility to not eat meat.  Luckily the chefs at BRQ know as much about seafood as they do about their signature competition-style barbeque.  With menu items ranging from appetizers to salads to entrees to sandwiches, there is something fresh and new waiting for you this Lenten season.

Shrimp and Crab Sensation Salad

Something light and healthy the shrimp and crab sensation salad comes complete with mixed greens, tomato, avocado, and parmesan.

Oyster Salad

Something new on the salad menu is the oyster salad.  Mixed greens, cornmeal dust, fried oysters, chopped egg, tomato, cucumber, parmesan, and maison dressing all make this salad a great option for lunch or dinner during lent.

Crab Cakes

BRQ’s crab cakes go perfect with a smoked mango salad.

BBQ Octopus

With grilled artichoke, roasted peppadew aioli, and a tin roof glaze you can satisfy your BBQ craving with this adventurous entrée.

Gulf Fish

BRQ’s farm to table procurement means that the freshest gulf fish is prepared and served with cauliflower, French green beans, tomato confit, and citrus wine butter sauce.

Thin Fried Catfish

A Louisiana staple, the thin fried catfish is perfect year round, but becomes especially popular after Mardi Gras.  BRQ’s housemade tartar sauce and hand cut fries complete the meal.

BBQ Salmon

With a pineapple habanero glaze, and grilled broccoli, the BBQ salmon at BRQ is new twist on a popular fish.

If you’re looking for something new during Lent around Baton Rouge this year, visit BRQ.

Restaurants in Baton Rouge: Why Mardi Gras and BBQ Geaux Together

BRQ Restaurant

Mardi Gras is fun and unique time of the year in south Louisiana.  King cakes, parades, balls, and time with friends and family all these weeks in late January and early February special.  This year Mardi Gras is on February 13th.  So as Fat Tuesday approaches and you begin to make plans, one important part of the festivities will be dining.  Whether you are visiting Baton Rouge, or having friends or relatives in, or simply looking for something new while you have some extra time off, BRQ Seafood and Barbeque needs to be on your list.

Catering for Your Parade or Party

If you are hosting a party this carnival season or need catering for a parade, BRQ has great options for you.  Depending on the size of your party you can choose from a variety of barbeque like pulled chicken, pulled pork, prime brisket, and ribs.  These come complete with sauces like North Carolina vinegar, Memphis sweet, Louisiana spicy, and South Carolina mustard.  And don’t forget the sides like BRQ’s house-made chips, boudin balls, wings, potato salad, pit beans, coleslaw, and macaroni and cheese. 

There are also great event catering options that go beyond with additional menu and dessert items, as well as delivery, chafing dishes, tables, linens, and more.

Great Restaurant Experience Before or After a Parade

Not entertaining?  Stop in and have a meal and/or a drink at BRQ.  Whether you are heading out to a parade or party or heading home from one, BRQ’s great service and atmosphere will be a great part of your festivities.  From the handmade tables to the friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff, to the farm to table menu options, you won’t be disappointed.  Whether you simply want to try a handcrafted cocktail or enjoy a meal there is something for everyone at BRQ.  Not in a mood for barbeque?  Checkout the great seafood options like catfish Napoleon, Louisiana gulf fish, and shrimp and grits.

Barbeque is great no matter the time of the year, and as we head toward Lent the chefs at BRQ will have some great, fresh Lenten options as well.  Visit BRQ at 10423 Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge or call 225-372-2674 with any catering needs or questions.

Baton Rouge Chef-Driven Restaurant: Something New for New Year’s

BRQ Restaurant

Chef-driven restaurants and chef-inspired menus are growing in popularity, and for good reason.  But what exactly is a “chef-driven restaurant”?  These are restaurants where the head chef designs all of the menu items based on their own personal style, using specifically sourced ingredients.  The great thing about these restaurants is that you get to experience a new twist on classic meals, as well as seasonal menu changes.  This is exactly what you can expect from Justin Ferguson at Baton Rouge’s newest chef-driven restaurant, BRQ Seafood and Barbeque.

“Our philosophy is simple: We believe in providing the best barbeque and seafood in south Louisiana.  We specialize in competition barbeque from the Carolinas, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee regions.  Located in Baton Rouge, we are committed to being a part of the community and having personal relationships with our farmers and purveyors.  We strive to provide a warm, relaxing atmosphere where our guests can enjoy great food and drinks,” states Ferguson. 

The Michelin recognized chef from Denham Springs has overseen restaurants in New Orleans, Boston, and Chicago, and has returned home to Baton Rouge to bring his vision for barbeque and seafood to life.  With a commitment to farm to table ingredients and a seasonal menu, the options at BRQ are as unique as they are familiar. 

With appetizers ranging from crawfish cornbread to blue crab deviled eggs and BBQ nachos to boudin balls, as well as fresh salads and sandwiches, the options range far wide in addition to pit barbeque and seafood entrees.  But that’s not all.  The bar at BRQ features unique, handcrafted cocktails, a wide variety of local beers, and a great selection of wine.  Happy hour is every day until 6:30.

If you’re looking for a new place to ring in the New Year, discover a new twist on your old favorite, BRQ and its chef-driven selection is the place to be.  Whether it’s for drinks and an appetizer, or a full meal with friends and family, the team at BRQ is there to give you a great dining experience.

BBQ Catering Baton Rouge: Redefine Your Next Spread

BRQ Restaurant

This time of the year it’s not uncommon to find yourself at a place or an event where you’ll be enjoying a catered meal.  Weddings, holiday parties, office parties, and awards banquets are all notorious for a traditional spread.  Salads, rolls, chicken, pasta, etc.  While there is nothing wrong with these tried and true staples, there are some alternatives available that can bring your next gathering to the next level. 

Barbeque catering from BRQ is perfect for any occasion.  The chefs and staff at BRQ are committed to bringing the best barbeque and seafood in Louisiana to your table, whether it’s in the restaurant or at your location.  You can choose from whole chickens, full slabs of ribs, and a number BRQ’s famous appetizers and sides. The options don’t stop there, you also have the ability to order tableware, chafing dishes, linens, servers, flatware, and more; BRQ will even deliver.  You can also opt for one of these specially designed catering packages.

The Smokehouse

The Smokehouse is designed to feed 8 to 10 people.  This package offers 2 sides, 2 meats, 2 sauces, and comes along with, as does every package, poblano cheddar cornbread, BRQ potato chips, BRQ B&B pickles, as well as plates and utensils.  The sides for each catering package include: BRQ pit beans, mac & cheese, potato salad, and coleslaw.  The Smokehouse meat selections feature: prime slide brisket, pulled chicken, and pulled pork.  Of course these meats wouldn’t be complete without BRQ’s signature sauces: North Carolina vinegar, original mild BBQ, spicy BBQ, and South Carolina mustard.

The Pit Boss

Again, The Pit Boss will feed 8-10 people (depending on the people).  While the side and sauce options are the same, the thing that separates The Pit Boss from the Smokehouse is the addition of a 3rd meat.  So along with 2 sides, and 2 sauces, your Pit Boss will include pulled pork, pulled chicken, and sliced prime brisket.

The Big Q

The Big Q takes a cue from the other 2 catering packages.  Built with the appetites of 8-10 people in mind, The Big Q features your choice of baby back ribs or St. Louis ribs.  This additional option can be combined with either pulled chicken or pulled pork; along with the aforementioned sides, sauces, and extras.

So whether you are hosting a tailgate, a watch party, holiday party, or corporate event, change it up this year and let BRQ take care of the cooking.

Home for the Holidays: Thanksgiving Catering and Dining Options

BRQ Restaurant

The holidays are right around the corner.  That means a number of things: cooler weather, shorter days, and visiting family.  Whether you are heading across town, or welcoming guests from across the country, the warm spirit of this time of the year can also be a stressful one.  Finding recipes, making grocery lists, fighting lines, cleaning house, and finally cooking a feast can take its toll on even the most ambitious host.  Thankfully, this Thanksgiving, you can leave the cooking to us, the dishes too.

This Thanksgiving, BRQ Seafood and Barbeque will be opening its doors and kitchen, offering the classic holiday staples you know, as well as the barbecue and seafood you love.  So whether you want to stick with the traditional, or create a new tradition, BRQ has you covered. 

For those of you that want to stay home, and stay out of the kitchen, BRQ has a catered family package, as well as a la carte options.  BRQ’s Thanksgiving Family Package includes:

·         One whole turkey

·         Turkey gravy

·         Homemade cranberry sauce

·         1 dozen cornbread muffins

·         Choice of 2 sides

·         Choice of pumpkin or pecan pie

This package is designed to feed 8-10 people.  If you’d like to add to it, or create a more customized meal, several a la carte options are available, including: whole smoke free range turkey, all-natural smoked ham with apple cider brown sugar glaze, cornbread dressing, mac & cheese, pecan sweet potato casserole, Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes with turkey gravy, pit beans, homemade cranberry sauce, poblano cornbread muffins, as well as pumpkin, and pecan pie. 

If you’re looking to get out of the house, the great servers and chefs on Jefferson Highway will be happy to spend the holiday with you.  The specialized Thanksgiving restaurant menu features: free range smoked turkey breast or all natural smoked ham, and a house salad, muffin, two sides, and desert. 


Turkey not your thing?  BRQ obviously has barbecue, even on Thanksgiving.  Along with our four homemade sauces (original mild, Louisiana spicy, South Carolina mustard, and North Carolina vinegar) you can choose a pork shoulder platter, pulled chicken platter, or sliced brisket platter.  We’ll also have pulled pork, chicken, or chopped brisket sandwiches on pretzel buns.  How about a Thanksgiving appetizer?  Fried green tomatoes, boudin balls, crab beignets, and sensation salads are also available.  BRQ also has seafood, including: BBQ salmon, LA gulf fish, and shrimp & grits.  No matter what you crave, our holiday menu will have you covered.

So if you’re from around the corner or out of town, dining in or bringing home, BRQ has something you’ll be thankful for.

Home Game Catering: The Baton Rouge Tailgate Packages You Need

BRQ Restaurant

When it comes to Baton Rouge, little can eclipse the importance of hometown football.  Weddings, birthday parties, and other important events are often scheduled around bye weeks and kick-off times.  And, the streets are all but deserted come game time, as we flock to campus grounds or to the nearest television. For a few hours on a Saturday, this is what it’s all about.  It’s a tradition, a way of life, and a good excuse to share great food with friends.

Whether you are setting up your tailgate in the shadows of Tiger Stadium or hosting a viewing from home, you’ll want to make sure your guests leave full and happy.  And, while you may not be able to control how they feel about the game, you can certainly control how they feel about the food.  Just take a look at these mouthwatering tailgate packages from BRQ:

Tailgate Catering for 8-10 People

If you’re hosting a smaller group, these pre-set tailgate packages make the selection simple.  Rather than trying to piece together the menu all on your own, choose one of the following, and let us do the work.

“The Kick-Off” – Classic BBQ catering that is a tried and true crowd pleaser, The Kick-Off includes both pulled chicken and pulled pork with two different sauces, two sides, potato chips, boudin balls and smoked wings (included with all tailgate packages).

“The BRQ Connection” – If a two meat selection just isn’t enough, The BRQ Connection offers an alternative.  Served with the same side options and sauces as The Kick-Off, this package takes it up a notch by throwing in sliced prime brisket as well.

“The Tail Gater” – Looking for meat options beyond the typical chicken or pork?  The Tail Gater offers the same pulled pork and pulled chicken options but includes baby back or St. Louis ribs as well.  Choose any two and pair them up with the sides and sauces of your choice. 

Tailgate Catering for 12-15 People

When you’ve got a larger crew to feed, step it up to our “For The Win” package.  Made to serve 12 – 15 people, this option includes four meat selections: St. Louis or baby back ribs, homemade andouille, pulled chicken, or pulled pork.  Just like all other package options, it includes chips, boudin balls, and smoked wings, along with sauce and side choices.

A la Carte Tailgate Catering

When a pre-set menu just isn’t your thing, or your party is too large to be accommodated by one of them, go for a la carte ordering.  Piece together a specialized package, choosing from appetizers, meats, entrée-style options, sides, desserts, and extras like sweet tea or frozen margarita.  With serving sizes available to feed up to 50 people, you can put together an exceptional catering menu for a party of nearly any size.

So, if you’re looking ahead to the next big game, and you’re ready to host the best possible tailgate party, think of BRQ.  Give us a call at (225) 372-2674, or contact us online, and we’ll make sure you have a feast that can satisfy any size crew by the time game day rolls around.

Tailgate Catering: Why BBQ Should Be in Your Playbook

BRQ Restaurant

Football season in south Louisiana means fun, friends, family, and of course, food.  Whether you’re heading out to your alma mater or to watch your kids play on Friday nights, setting up shop on campus on Saturday mornings, or checking out the pros on Sundays, tailgating is a common activity every autumn.  And a tailgate isn’t complete without a spread that will keep you fed and fueled through kickoff and beyond.  Now it’s hard to go wrong with the tried and true staples.  Burgers, hot dogs, jambalaya and more can be found every few feet, under any canopy; but there is something else you should consider as you draw up your tailgate plans this season, barbecue.    

Of course seeing grills and smokers sending plumes aromatic smoke up in the air is not a new trend, but offering your guests competition style barbecue from the Carolinas, Missouri, Texas and Tennessee along with all of the trimmings can bring your tailgate party to the next level.  And now it is easier than ever to provide.

Catering is a simple way to provide great food for a lot of people.  This practice is nothing new under the oak trees or in stadium parking lots, but this football season there will be a new option when it comes to filling the table.  BRQ Seafood and Barbecue is always the right call, and here’s why.

Farm to Tailgate

The idea of farm to table ensures that all of the food used to prepare your meal is carefully selected, traced, and ends up on your plate as fresh as possible.  BRQ brings this same initiative to your tailgate party.  BRQ works closely with all of its purveyors to ensure that each piece of meat, vegetable, fruit, and dish is prepared and served in the best way possible. 

BBQ Catering Options

BRQ’s catering menu offers several options.  Whether you want to customize your order or select a package that will meet your needs, you can do either.  With everything from appetizers, like smoked queso, boudin balls, and BRQ’s homemade chips to traditional handmade sides like mac and cheese, potato salad, and poblano cheddar cornbread you can have something for everyone.  Now don’t forget the meat.  Pulled chicken and pork can be ordered in one pound increments and there are also St. Louis ribs, baby back ribs, and whole BBQ chicken options as well.  Last, but certainly not least, there’s desert.  Freshly baked carrot cake, chocolate cake, and bread putting can be the perfect ending to a great meal.

For larger gatherings you can choose between “The Smokehouse”, “The Pit Boss”, and “The Big Q”.  These packages allow you to choose a combination of sides, meats, and sauces in different quantities.  This allows you to put the catering on cruise control.

Additional Catering Services

Setting up a tailgate can be quite a bit of work.  Staking out your spot, setting up the canopy and generator, filling ice chests, the list goes on and on.  This is one reason why BRQ offers additional services that can take some of the burden off of you.  With services like delivery, and the ability to order chafing dishes, tables, chairs, linens etc. the experts at BRQ are there to handle the details so you can enjoy the game.

So whether you are gearing up for high school football, the Tigers or Jags, or even the Saints, don’t forget to include a new flavor with your tailgate this season.   

Creative Cocktails to Make this Baton Rouge Summer a Little Cooler

BRQ Restaurant

When it’s 90 degrees with 90% humidity there is something about a cold beer or your favorite glass of wine to bring the temperature down.  While these staples are tried and true, there is also something to be said about getting a little adventurous.  Finding a cocktail that is engineered to deliver an experience and meet an expectation isn’t always easy to find.  Are you looking to beat the heat?  Keep the party going? Or simply experiment with something new? Something that entertains the palate with a unique twist? Whether you are looking for an adult beverage that meets one or all of these criteria, the bar at BRQ Seafood and Barbeque exceeds them all.  Let’s take a closer look at these inventive cocktails.


The Beforehand

The Beforehand, aptly named as an ideal drink to enjoy “before” dinner transforms the traditional Manhattan into a more approachable late afternoon cocktail.  We blend bourbon, an Italian dessert wine, and orange bitters; chilled and served up in a coup and garnished with a spiraled lemon zest to enhance the citrus notes.  This new spin on a classic after work is meant to relieve both the stress of a long day and the heat of the south Louisiana summer.

Nefarious Cocoa

Nefarious Cocoa

Webster’s defines “nefarious” as “wicked or criminal” and maintains its definition through the approach and presentation of this beverage, as well as requires a sense of adventure and courage when ordering this beverage.  Nefarious Cocoa by sight and scent is ominous and overwhelming, yet once tasted the initial herbal aromas, enhance the maple and chocolate notes that elude to buttery chocolate pancakes. The unexpected smoothness and flavor in contrast with its aroma only adds to the experience especially when paired with BRQ’s double chocolate cake.

Bootlegger's Run

Bootlegger’s Run

We are tipping our hat with our “Bootlegger’s Run” to the lifestyle of the booze courier during this nation’s prohibition era.  The drinking culture switched from ritzy clubs and lavish restaurants to tea shops, coffee houses, and back rooms known as “Speakeasies” to further avoid prosecution in the 1920’s people would enjoy their alcoholic concoctions from coffee cups that would conceal its contents and provide a reason for people to socialize.  BRQ includes rye whiskey, localized chicory liqueur to echo our unique twist to roasting coffee beans, orange bitters, a touch of turbinado sugar, and cold brew. This whiskey/coffee cocktail arrives on a saucer in a heavy coffee cup, just as it would have almost 100 years ago.

Frose All Day

Frosé All Day

Two words.  Party.  Time.  The summer fave of New Yorkers has made its way down to Baton Rouge.  Perfect for brunch and any other time of the day (hence the name), “Frosé All Day” is a refreshing frozen cocktail that combines Rosé wine, fresh fruit, a touch of vodka to kick it up. Oh, and don’t just discard the Orchid that rests at the top, that’s there for you to enjoy as well. Yep, eat the flower!



I know we mentioned the word party to describe the last drink, but this cocktail is literally a celebration.  Celebracion to be exact.  Inspired by the Paloma, a refreshing Mexican cocktail, our champagne highlighted bar has put its own rejuvenating twist on this classic drink.  Served in a Collins glass; ice, ruby red grapefruit, lime, sugar, and tequila are combined with the quintessential celebration staple, Champagne.  While a traditional Paloma will feature soda, BRQ provides the bubbles with bubbles.  Oh yeah, it’s the Pop Rocks garnish that takes the excitement to another level. 

Egg Sour Snap

Egg Sour Snap

This classic drink that combines the popular 19th century Egg Sour, the locally relevant New Orleans Sour, the request of a Snap (slang for a red wine float) is exactly how one would order in the day.  We begin with fresh egg white, whiskey, lemon, Combier (a French orange liqueur), sugar, and of course the “snap” (red wine float).  The float is delicately placed at the top of the drink, essentially being painted on top of the cocktail.  The intriguing thing about the Egg Sour Snap is that as it settles the drink continues to take shape.  The top layer is creamy and white and combined with the wine layer, tastes bit like a frothy tart Sangria. As you work your way through the beverage it finishes as a smooth Whiskey Sour. 

Seasonal Smash

Seasonal Smash

This is an old school drink that resembles a Mint Julep.  With seasonal fruits, currently blueberries, this drink provides a refreshing, aromatic treat.  Served over crushed ice with lemon, soda, and a precisely placed sprig of mint against the straw you get to enjoy the scent and all of the flavors in every sip.

4 Ways BRQ Seafood & Barbeque Is Unique

BRQ Restaurant

Baton Rouge’s local restaurant scene is burgeoning with creative concepts in food. Justin Ferguson shares what four things make BRQ Seafood and Barbeque stand out among the crowd.


Competition Style BBQ in Baton Rouge

"We are featuring regional favorites from the Carolinas, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri." - Chef Justin Ferguson

Ferguson thwarts any expectations that BRQ is a typical barbeque joint. The chef plans to bring champion level techniques to the table by serving 14- to 16-hour smoked brisket, Applewood and hickory-smoked meats dusted with his own rubs and house made sauces.  


Much More than BBQ on the BRQ Menu

"This is not going to be your squeeze bottle and paper plate restaurant." - Chef Justin Ferguson

At BRQ, Ferguson takes traditional BBQ styles to the next level with unique dishes like BBQ Smoked Octopus, Smoked Rabbit Pot Pie and, the soon to be very popular, "I Don't Care Feed Me," option. Seasonal produce and proteins locally sourced within a 150-radius will drive the menu, proving BRQ’s emphasis on farm-to-table food.     


BRQ will also feature more seasonal seafood items like fresh boiled shrimp and crawfish. More choices on the BRQ menu include prime steaks, chops, sandwiches, salads, desserts and more.


The BRQ Bar Is Like No Other in Baton Rouge

The BRQ Bar is home to some 500 cocktails, learn more from the BRQ bar menu. With more than 100 bottles of whiskey and a variety of local craft beers and more, the restaurant’s 30-foot bar can meet the needs any spirit fan.

BRQ Cocktails in Baton Rouge


The Vibe at BRQ is Cozy and Comfortable

"We wanted BRQ to have an approachable, comfortable atmosphere that guests can enjoy any night of the week." - Chef Justin Ferguson

A purposely playful eclectic mix of local art and humorous sketches on the large chalk-boards are perfectly placed to fit the overall vibe of the restaurant – a neighborhood restaurant feel, with fine dining fare.

Art at BRQ

About BRQ’s Culinary Team:

Justin Ferguson, Partner and Executive Chef: Before cooking up BRQ, Ferguson was the corporate executive chef at Ideology Entertainment in Chicago. Ferguson is a 2005 Louisiana Culinary Institute and Michelin-accredited chef.; email: 


10423 Jefferson Highway

BRQ in the News

BRQ Restaurant

BRQ Seafood and BBQ isn’t even open yet, but boy the buzz is strong. BRQ has been filling the news cycles of local publications and news channels since last year, first being mentioned in the Baton Rouge Business Report once news hit that Michelin Star rated Chef Justin Ferguson had returned to the Baton Rouge area to open a new Baton Rouge restaurant, which will be chef-owned and driven.

Baton Rouge Business Report, September 2016: “The former executive chef of Stroubes Seafood and Steaks [Justin Ferguson] has returned to Baton Rouge with plans to open a new barbecue and seafood restaurant called BRQ at 10423 Jefferson Highway sometime next spring. ‘A lot of thought is going into the ambiance. We want BRQ to provide an approachable, comfortable atmosphere that guests can enjoy any night of the week,’ [Ferguson] says.”

The Baton Rouge Business Report later shared more details of the opening and what the community can expect from Chef Justin Ferguson’s new Baton Rouge restaurant; “…the restaurant will seat at least 184 people. It backs up to the Louisiana Culinary Institute, whose owners are Ferguson’s partners in BRQ.” They also reported that the catering side of BRQ is already up and running, and quoted Chef Ferguson as saying, “It’s really just to get out there—get the name out and get going.”

Not long after that, DIG Magazine, 225 Magazine and Country Roads Magazine got in on the action, all giving a shout-out to BRQ and bringing attention to the December 2016 pop-up dinner hosted at Louisiana Culinary Institute, and naming BRQ as one of the next best new Baton Rouge restaurants to hit the local culinary scene. WVLA Local 33 has also featured BRQ on numerous spots in their morning newscast.

Matt Sigur commended the new Baton Rouge restaurant, BRQ Seafood and BBQ, with features in two articles in The Advocate and The Acadiana Advocate within weeks of each other.

The Acadiana Advocate, In a stressful 2016, here is the Best Food I ate in Baton Rouge, Lafayette; December 2016: “...Chef Justin Ferguson's upcoming BRQ will be a restaurant to watch in 2017. Right before the holidays, he hosted a pop-up dinner that featured huge portions of brisket, ribs, pulled chicken and pork. The sides of bacon and cheddar hushpuppies, and goat cheese drop biscuits were even more impressive. If he can deliver this consistently at the new restaurant, Baton Rouge better watch out.”

Recently, InRegister Magazine and City Social Magazine, both wrote complimentary pieces including Chef Justin Ferguson and BRQ as one of the new Baton Rouge chefs who have been given ownership and control within the walls, and behind the scenes, of the restaurants that have their hearts.

InRegister, February issue: “As co-owner and executive chef of the upcoming BRQ, the gregarious Denham Springs native [Chef Justin Ferguson] aims to take barbecue, the most traditional of Southern fare, completely rethink it from the charcoal up and, as he puts it, ‘blow minds.’”

City Social Magazine, March/April issue: “Justin Ferguson has just returned to Baton Rouge to open his own restaurant, armed with an arsenal of experience as he creates new and delectable dishes, confident of his culinary ability as well as his professional organizational skills.”

And lastly, catering clients can’t get enough!

Kristen Caulk wrote on Facebook, “These guys did the most amazing job catering our wedding. Jeremiah and Justin were easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. The menu that they came up with for us after just one meeting was everything we could have hoped for and more. We didn't need to change a thing! Everyone raved about the amazing food, the well supplied bar, and their awesome servers and bartenders. They took care of everything from setup to cleanup perfectly and on schedule. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to hire them again for any event.”

BRQ Seafood and BBQ is a highly anticipated new restaurant in Baton Rouge, and we can’t wait to welcome you into the new space!

What Can You Expect at BRQ?

BRQ Restaurant


April 28, 2017

BRQ Seafood and Barbeque is one of Baton Rouge’s most anticipated restaurants. Opening this spring, BRQ has been making Baton Rouge headlines since last fall. One of the main reasons for all the buzz - the return of Denham Springs native and Michelin rated, Chef Justin Ferguson to the Greater Baton Rouge area. Chef Justin Ferguson, who was professionally trained at Baton Rouge’s very own Louisiana Culinary Institute, has been receiving rave reviews for his BRQ samplings at pop-up dinners and foodie events.

You can tell by the name BRQ Seafood and Barbeque, that BRQ will offer the best entree selections from both the Gulf and the land. But, what type of delicious food can you expect from Chef Justin Ferguson? Here’s a sampling of what he and his team have whipped up so far at Baton Rouge community events:

  • 14-hour Smoked Baby Back Ribs
  • Smoked Wings Tossed in a Signature Mild Sauce
  • BBQ Octopus with Tin Roof Habanero Glaze with Roasted Tomato and Guajillo Puree
  • Low Country Shrimp & Grits, with Goat Cheese Jalapeno Grits, Stewed Tomatoes and Tasso
  • Duck Brochettes with House Cured Bacon, Dates, Pickled Blackberries, Collared Greens, Apple Celery Relish, Sweet Potato Puree and Guajillo Blackberry Glaze
  • Goat Cheese Drop Biscuits
  • Deviled Eggs with Citrus Poached Shrimp
  • Bacon and Cheddar Hushpuppies
  • Fried Green Tomatoes with Habanero Dill Aioli
  • Poblano Cheddar Cornbread
  • Nutella Cappuccino Stuffed Donuts with Vanilla Bean Caramel and Hazelnut Crumble
  • 9 Layer Chocolate Raspberry Doberge Cake

With all these delicious dishes being served at Baton Rouge events, doesn’t it make you wonder - what will make the BRQ menu?

Not only will BRQ be a place for incredible seafood and BBQ, but the bar will be top notch. 

Are you ready to make a reservation at our new restaurant yet? Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, as we will soon be announcing when our new Baton Rouge restaurant will be opening, and when you can begin making reservations online.