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Restaurants in Baton Rouge: Why Mardi Gras and BBQ Geaux Together

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Restaurants in Baton Rouge: Why Mardi Gras and BBQ Geaux Together

BRQ Restaurant

Mardi Gras is fun and unique time of the year in south Louisiana.  King cakes, parades, balls, and time with friends and family all these weeks in late January and early February special.  This year Mardi Gras is on February 13th.  So as Fat Tuesday approaches and you begin to make plans, one important part of the festivities will be dining.  Whether you are visiting Baton Rouge, or having friends or relatives in, or simply looking for something new while you have some extra time off, BRQ Seafood and Barbeque needs to be on your list.

Catering for Your Parade or Party

If you are hosting a party this carnival season or need catering for a parade, BRQ has great options for you.  Depending on the size of your party you can choose from a variety of barbeque like pulled chicken, pulled pork, prime brisket, and ribs.  These come complete with sauces like North Carolina vinegar, Memphis sweet, Louisiana spicy, and South Carolina mustard.  And don’t forget the sides like BRQ’s house-made chips, boudin balls, wings, potato salad, pit beans, coleslaw, and macaroni and cheese. 

There are also great event catering options that go beyond with additional menu and dessert items, as well as delivery, chafing dishes, tables, linens, and more.

Great Restaurant Experience Before or After a Parade

Not entertaining?  Stop in and have a meal and/or a drink at BRQ.  Whether you are heading out to a parade or party or heading home from one, BRQ’s great service and atmosphere will be a great part of your festivities.  From the handmade tables to the friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff, to the farm to table menu options, you won’t be disappointed.  Whether you simply want to try a handcrafted cocktail or enjoy a meal there is something for everyone at BRQ.  Not in a mood for barbeque?  Checkout the great seafood options like catfish Napoleon, Louisiana gulf fish, and shrimp and grits.

Barbeque is great no matter the time of the year, and as we head toward Lent the chefs at BRQ will have some great, fresh Lenten options as well.  Visit BRQ at 10423 Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge or call 225-372-2674 with any catering needs or questions.