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Baton Rouge Event Venue: Why Choose BRQ?

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Baton Rouge Event Venue: Why Choose BRQ?

BRQ Restaurant

Event planning can be stressful; there’s simply no other way to put it.  In recent years, Forbes has even ranked event coordinator as one of the 10 most stressful jobs, and those are the professionals!  If that’s the case, simply imagine how overwhelming the process can become for the layperson.  Venue options, guest lists, menus, and staff – it can all be enough to make you abandon the process before you even begin. 

Naturally, any event planner or host wants their guests to experience a well-appointed space with delicious food and a courteous staff, but finding a location to encompass all those things can be quite a tall order.  That’s where we like to step in.

Venue Rental in Baton Rouge

Whether it’s serving you a delicious weekend brunch, catering your event or celebrating Happy Hour, BRQ has always held to our commitment to bring our patrons exceptional dining experiences.  Now, that same commitment has expanded to providing a beautiful, comfortable space for your next event.

Event Catering in Baton Rouge

In addition to having your event space covered, BRQ can ensure that the food is a hit as well!  If your event requires catering, let us handle the menu! After meeting with a manager, you can decide on a customized menu for your party, or simply choose from one of BRQ’s catering packages. Choose from all of the staples that BRQ is known for, including The Smokehouse, The Big Q and Frose’ All Day!